ID Theft Protection

ID Theft Protection

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America and it affects 1 in 23 people. Identity theft can range from someone stealing your personal data to committing crimes in your name.

When it comes to identity theft, most credit card companies and financial institutions only correct proven transaction errors. Companies that do offer more help often leave the leg work up to you, requiring as much as 200 hours of your own time, according to recent surveys.That doesn't include the stress and expense--often thousands of dollars--of trying to put your credit, and your life, back together. Because of the stress and frustration, people often give up. They end up living with ruined credit and struggling with everything from fraudulent medical and utility bills to defaulted mortgages and rental contracts to reputation-shattering criminal records. Be prepared by being protected.

We can help! We now offer a Resolution Package where, in the event of identity theft, we will assign you a personal advocate that will work with you as lolng as it takes to get it resolved. you can also upgrade to the Platinum Package that offers resolution services as well as complete identity theft monitoring. For more details and pricing, see the links below.