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The Cecilian Bank is aware of, and is looking into the 'Heart Bleed Bug' that has been reported recently via many different media channels. The 'Heart Bleed Bug' looks specifically for sites that use a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) website to determine if there are any password vulnerabilities. The vendors The Cecilian Bank uses for Online Banking, Business Banking, Secure Email, and other services have completed preliminary assessments and have NOT discovered any vulnerability.

The Cecilian Bank has always recommended that you change passwords on a regular schedule (automated if possible) especially for any services accessed via the Internet. And you should not use the same password for different programs/services. We will update you on any future findings in reference to the 'Heart Bleed Bug'.

If you have specific questions, please contact our Customer Support Center, via the Secure Email link at the top of this page.


Please remember that if you receive a call or text regarding your debit card being compromised or deactivated, these are generally scam calls trying to get your information. If you ever get a call and you are unsure of it's validity, please contact us at 270-982-4TCB and we will be happy to look at your card or account with you.

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