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Latest News

Staying Secure

Online and Mobile Banking with The Cecilian Bank is quick and convenient! We want to remind everyone that although you have account access at your fingertips, it is important to make sure the devices you are using to access your account information are secure. This includes:

  • Using up-to-date antivirus software on your device. If you need help, reach out to knowledgeable friends or family, your internet service provider, or mobile operator for information on obtaining anti-virus software.
  • Using strong and unique passwords that are changed often.
  • Being careful before you click. Make 100% certain the link you are clicking is legitimate. Whenever you are in doubt, throw it out.
  • Using privacy settings and browser safety settings.
  • Considering support. If you live alone or spend a lot of time by yourself, consider a trusted source to serve as a second set of eyes and ears. Adult family members and grandchildren who are computer savvy may by willing to help.

Examples of an infected computer may include:

  • Frequent and consistent pop-ups.
  • Calls from companies saying your computer has been infected and you need to provide payment information to clean it.
  • Unusually slow or unresponsive computer.
  • Redirections to “look-alike” websites OR the expected website looks unusual. This could be an indication that malware on your computer is impersonating a legitimate website and collecting your credentials. This is referred to as a “man-in-the-middle” attack. Your information is being sent to the website and the website is being displayed to you, but malware is collecting information from both sides.

If you feel that your device has been compromised, seek help from a reputable Information Technology professional or accredited business. Don’t be ashamed if you have become a victim of device infection, even the most efficient and careful people are vulnerable.

NEW Mobile App

The Cecilian Bank released our NEW Mobile App on July 9th! The App now has full functionality of Online Banking, meaning it includes new and exciting features like:

  • Enrolling and viewing online statements
  • New User Registration
  • Loan payments
  • All requests made through Online Banking, now manageable in the Mobile App (ex: stop pays, travel notifications, etc)
  • Send and receive secure messages with our Customer Support Specialists
  • View login reports
  • Add and manage bill payees
  • Setup re-occurring transfers
  • Add images to transactions (checks or electronic)
  • Setup and manage alerts
  • Plus Smart Watch availability!

To reivew Frequently Asked Questions regarding the new Mobile App, click here.

Student Checking

Homework is hard. Banking shouldn't be. Student Checking with The Cecilian Bank is a perfect solution for teens and young adults 14 to 23. Click here for all the features and details of our Student Checking Account!

Stay Connected

The Cecilian Bank now has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts for you to receive updates on community involvement and promotions.