Personal VISA® Credit & Debit Cards

Building good credit while earning cash back is easy with The Cecilian Bank’s VISA® Credit Card and unlimited Cashback Rewards program. Our card has a low introductory rate and you’ll earn 1% cash back with every purchase!

Personal VISA® Debit Card

Banking at its best. Our Personal VISA® Debit Card offers the convenience of a credit card, yet the funds come directly out of your checking account.1 Use it anywhere VISA® Debit Card is accepted, or at thousands of ATM locations worldwide. Never worry about running out of checks or carrying a lot of cash with the Personal VISA® Debit Card right at your fingertips. We offer additional protection features for your Personal VISA® Debit Card such as a customer favorite, Manage Cards!2 For a $10 fee at the time of account opening, you can receive an Instant Issue Personal VISA® Debit Card on-site.

A Credit Card that Pays You Back
and No Annual Fee?1 Yes Please!

The Cecilian Bank’s Personal VISA® Credit Card Is Now More Flexible.

Cashback Rewards3 is here! Earn unlimited 1% in cash rewards with every purchase, every day, made with The Cecilian Bank’s Personal VISA® Credit Card. Your Cashback Rewards accumulate with each purchase and your credit card balance will be credited annually in mid-November – just in time for Black Friday and holiday shopping!

Apply for The Cecilian Bank’s Personal VISA® Credit Card Today!

To apply for The Cecilian Bank’s Personal VISA® Credit Card, click the link below for a printable version of the application. Complete the application and bring it or mail it to one of our convenient banking centers. One of our expert loan officers will process your application.

The Cecilian Bank’s Personal VISA® Credit Card Application

EZ Access to Your Account Information

To check your Personal VISA® Credit Card balance, make a payment, view your transactions, and more, click the link below.

EZ Card Info

Lost or Stolen VISA® Credit, Debit or ATM Card?

To report a lost or stolen VISA® Credit, Debit or ATM Card from The Cecilian Bank, follow the directions below:

  1. Subject to additional fees.
  2. You must be enrolled in Online Banking to utilize Manage Cards.
  3. Scorecard® Rewards has been converted to Cashback Rewards. The Cecilian Bank’s Personal VISA® Credit Cards stopped accumulating Scorecard® Rewards on 5/31/2021. Cardholders with a Scorecard® Rewards points balance after 6/1/21 will have until 7/31/21 to redeem their points for merchandise at or by calling 1 (800) 854-0790. Points not used by 7/31/21 will convert to cash at a rate of .1% and added to the cardholder’s current accumulated Cashback Rewards balance. Accounts closed before the mid-November disbursement will forfeit accumulated Cashback Rewards.