Mobile Banking

Banking just got easier with The Cecilian Bank's Mobile Banking options! You bring your mobile phones with you wherever you go because of the convenience they offer. So, why not use your mobile devices to bank on the go? Access your money anytime, anywhere with The Cecilian Bank's Mobile Banking.

Electronic Services Terms & Conditions and User Agreement

Mobile Banking App

Our Mobile Banking App has full functionality with Online Banking meaning you can:

  • Check Account Balances
  • View Account Activity
  • Deposit Checks
  • Transfer Funds
  • Receive and Pay Bills 1
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Add and Manage Bill Payees
  • Set Up Re-Occurring Transfers
  • Turn Your VISA® Debit Card On/Off
  • Enroll and View Periodic Statements
  • View Account Documents
  • View Check Images
  • Submit Stop Pays, Travel Notifications, and other Notifications and Requests
  • Send and Receive Secure Messages with Customer Support Specialists
  • Use The Cecilian Bank Mobile Banking App on Your SmartWatch!
  • And, so much more!

Mobile Banking App FAQs

Mobile Banking App is free and easy. Simply go to the App Store or Google Play and search for The Cecilian Bank Mobile Banking App.

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Mobile Deposit Capture

Deposit checks in a snap with The Cecilian Bank’s Mobile Deposit Capture. This service allows you to make deposits to your checking, savings, or money market accounts from your phone by taking a mobile picture of your check in the Deposit Checks section of The Cecilian Bank’s Mobile Banking App. Depositing checks has never been easier!

Mobile Deposit Capture FAQs

Mobile Wallet

Take shopping to the next level with your mobile device. Store your VISA® Debit Card from The Cecilian Bank in the Mobile Wallet app on your mobile device and make payments on the go easier! Whether you prefer to use your SmartPhone or SmartWatch, the Mobile Wallet is a trustworthy and convenient way to pay for your purchases. The Mobile Wallet provides you with a level of security protected by encryption that masks your debit card’s account number so you know all of your purchases are safe. The Mobile Wallets compatible with VISA® Debit Card from The Cecilian Bank are Apple Pay, FitBit Pay, Garmin Pay, Google Pay, LG Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Mobile Wallet FAQs

Person2Person (P2P) Payments

This convenient service makes paying easier and faster than ever! P2P allows you to move money from your checking account with The Cecilian Bank and into a payee’s debit card account in real-time in the Move Money section of the Mobile Banking App. Instantly transfer money while saving time. Now that’s convenient! Sign up for the P2P feature in the Message section of the Mobile Banking App.

P2P Instructions

Manage Cards

In a world of data breaches, fraud, and that horrible feeling you misplaced your debit card, wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to temporarily deactivate your card? We think so, too! When you’re enrolled in Online Banking, this feature lets you take control of your VISA® Debit Card and protects against unauthorized use by deactivating and reactivating with a simple toggle switch in the Manage Cards section of the Mobile Banking App. If you misplace your card, simply swipe the toggle to the “OFF” 2 position. If you find it, swipe it back “ON” and continue to use the card. If you use your card infrequently or are traveling without your card, swipe it “OFF” and when you are ready to use it again, swipe it back “ON.”

Please notify The Cecilian Bank at (270) 982- 4TCB (4822) if your card has been lost or stolen to protect against any fraudulent activity and to get a replacement card.

On-Demand Debit Card Limit Increase

Making a large Point of Sale (POS) 3 purchase with your VISA® Debit Card? Worried your transaction may be declined because the purchase amount exceeds the daily POS limit? No need to worry any longer! You can now request a 30-minute temporary spending limit increase for your VISA® Debit Card so you may complete your purchase.4, 5 After the 30-minute increase, your daily purchase limit will drop back down. Register your VISA® Debit Card for this service in the Message section of the Mobile Banking App.6

Enable On-Demand Debit Card Limit Increase

Sign Up for Round-Up Savings

Save while you spend! The Cecilian Bank’s free Round-Up Savings feature automatically rounds up your debit card purchase to the nearest $1 or $5 amount. The rounded up portion is automatically deposited into any of your savings accounts at The Cecilian Bank. This feature helps your savings account grow and makes it easier to balance your checkbook! You must have a checking and a savings account with The Cecilian Bank in order to take advantage of this free benefit. You can sign up for Round-Up Savings in the Message section of the Mobile Banking App.

Travel Notifications

Going on vacation? Don’t forget about us! If you’re traveling beyond a state the doesn’t border Kentucky,7 you will need to submit a Travel Notification. Be sure to tell us specifically if you’re taking a cruise. This helps us make better decisions while protecting your card and denying any purchases you make. We take care of our customers, no matter where they are in the world, and fraud is serious business. You can submit a Travel Notification in the Messages section of the Mobile Banking App or by calling the Customer Support Center at (270) 982-4TCB (4822). Don’t let identity thieves ruin your vacation. Help us help you stay safe and have a great trip!

Change of Address

Moved to a new location? Don’t forget to let us know by updating your accounts! When you submit a Change of Address form you prevent possible uninterrupted services from notices being delayed or lost in the mail. You can submit a Change of Address in the Messages section in the Mobile Banking App or by calling the Customer Support Center at (270) 982-4TCB (4822).

Overdraft Protection Opt-In/Opt-Out

No one intends to overdraw their checking account, but we know it can happen and it can be costly! The Cecilian Bank developed features you can add that will safeguard your checking account from being eaten away by fees. Once your account is eligible for standard overdraft practices, you can authorize The Cecilian Bank to pay overdrafts on your everyday VISA® Debit Card and ATM transactions in the Message section of the Mobile Banking App. Likewise, you can revoke The Cecilian Bank’s authorization to pay overdrafts in the Message section of the Mobile Banking App.

Overdraft Protection Options

Re-order Checks

Reordering checks has never been easier! You can request new checks in the Message section in the Mobile Banking App. Fill out the form, click submit, and you’re all set! It’s that easy!

$mart Money

Your complete financial picture all in one place! It is easy to use and absolutely FREE! Take control of your finances and get started today!

  • Connect to over 12,000 financial institutions and creditors
  • Keep your check register online
  • Set reminders to pay your bills
  • Know where you are spending your money
  • Set a monthly budget based on your past spending habits
  • Track business income and expenses within your personal accounts

  1. Additional fees may apply.
  2. Any previously authorized transactions will be paid, and any recurring transactions previously set up still occur. Turning your card “OFF” will not affect your checks, internet transfers, bill payments, or any type of transactions in your account(s).
  3. The temporary limit increase is for Point of Sale (POS) purchases with VISA® Debit Card and does not include ATM transactions or VISA® Credit Cards from The Cecilian Bank.
  4. This function is enabled by the Customer Support Center. Once enabled, you can increase the limit on any card listed within the Manage Cards tab.
  5. The system will still look at account balances for authorizations. VISA® stand-in limits are not affected.
  6. For enhanced security, you will be prompted to register your mobile device at your next login.
  7. If you are traveling to these states, you do not need to submit a Travel Notification: IL, IN, MO, OH, TN, VA, WV.