Overdraft Protection

No one intends to overdraw their checking account, but we know it can happen and it can be costly! The Cecilian Bank developed features you can add that will safeguard your checking account from being eaten away by fees.

Hometown Coverage

Hometown Coverage is a discretionary, non-contractual overdraft courtesy program that may save you from embarrassment and merchant fees should you overdraw your checking account. This feature is a customer favorite! Certain terms and conditions apply to Hometown Coverage. Available to eligible customers only. For more information regarding Hometown Coverage, please click the link below.

More Hometown Coverage Information

Automated Transfer

The Cecilian Bank allows a customer to establish an Automated Transfer of funds by linking a checking account to another deposit or credit account for overdraft protection.

  • Advances from the account are made in multiples of $50.
  • A $2 fee will be charged with each Automated Transfer; however, this may prevent an overdraft fee.
  • If the presented item(s) exceed available funds in both the checking and funding accounts, the item(s) presented may be returned,  and you may be charged a Returned NSF Fee of $34 for each item returned.


CheckLine is a line of credit1 directly tied to your checking account to prevent overdrafts. To apply for CheckLine, contact one of our expert loan officers, who can help you with the application process.

  • If approved, each CheckLine account is established on an individual basis; therefore, credit limits may extend up to a maximum of $5,000.
  • Advances from the CheckLine account are made in multiples of $50.
  • The monthly activity from CheckLine will be provided on the monthly checking account statement.
  • The payment for CheckLine will be automatically transferred from the checking account 26 days after the checking account statement cycle date. The monthly payment will be due at an amount equal to the greater of $25 or 5% of the unpaid balance on the CheckLine.
  • An annual maintenance fee of $25 will be assessed to the account in the month the application was approved.
  • If the item(s) presented exceed the amount available on CheckLine, the item(s) presented may be returned, and you may be charged a Returned NSF Fee of $34 for each item returned.

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  1. Separate qualified application required.

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