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No Saturday Hours

Since 1903, The Cecilian Bank has been closed on Saturdays. One of the bank’s Core Values is “Family,” so we strongly believe that being closed on Saturday gives our employees more time to be with their families. We have worked hard throughout the years to advance our technology with safe and secure products and services that allow us to maintain quality customer service and still remain closed on Saturdays. The following products and services were designed to meet our customers’ financial needs during the hours the bank may be closed:

Re-order Checks

Reordering checks has never been easier! Just have a personal check ready and call 1 (800) 275-1053 or go online to the link below. For security reasons, personal information such as names and addresses cannot be changed with online orders.

Order Checks

Direct Deposit

Are you having a hard time making it to the bank on time to deposit your checks? Do you receive Social Security checks that are sometimes late getting to you because of the slow mail? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Direct Deposit is for you. Direct Deposit is one of the safest ways to assure timely deposits of your payroll or government checks.

  • To set up payroll Direct Deposit, provide your employer with a pre-printed check or deposit ticket marked ” VOID.”
  • To set up Direct Deposit for Social Security, call toll-free 1 (800) 772-1213. Please have your Social Security Number and a blank personal check ready.
  • If you have any questions or need assistance, call our Customer Support Center at (270) 982-4TCB (4822).

Image Deposit ATMs

Deposit up to 30 checks and cash items in a single transaction from the comfort of your car any time, day or night, with The Cecilian Bank’s Image Deposit ATMs! There’s no need to organize your deposit, simply pile all of your checks and cash together and the ATM will take care of the rest – no deposit slip or envelope needed. Our Image Deposit ATMs are convenient, easy to use, and secure.

Image Deposit ATM Step-by-Step Instructions

Image Deposit ATM Locations

Night Deposit Drop Box

Can’t get to the bank to make a deposit before closing? No problem! Simply fill out a Night Drop Envelope located within the Night Deposit Drop Box at any banking center and drop it in the secure drop box opening. It’s that easy! Your transaction will be removed, verified and credited to your account no later than the next business day. Business customers can also purchase The Cecilian Bank’s swing-lock Night Deposit Bag for larger deposits. To purchase a swing-lock Night Deposit Bag, contact a Customer Service Representative at one of our convenient banking center locations. Please refer to our Schedule of Fees for the current cost of our swing-lock Night Deposit Bags.

Notary Service

We offer notary service for $5 to any customer of The Cecilian Bank. Choice Gold Checking, Choice 50 Gold Checking, and Power $avings customers receive free notary service! There is at least one notary located at each banking center. Please note that while we offer notary service, this does not include a signature guarantee/medallion stamp for investment purposes.

Coin Counters

Do you have a lot of loose change that you are looking to cash in? No need to roll or wrap the coins! Just bring in your loose, mixed change to one of the following banking centers and let us do the work for you! The Cecilian Bank coin counters are free to use for our customers. For non-customers, a fee of 6% applies.

Coin Counter Locations

Safe Deposit Boxes

The Cecilian Bank offers a safe place to store valuables in one of our Safe Deposit Boxes1. Consider how important it is to protect items such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, deeds or mortgages, priceless photographs, or wills, to name a few.

Safe Deposit Locations

Wire Transfers

Need money fast? As a customer of The Cecilian Bank, you can wire money from your account at The Cecilian Bank to an account across the country or worldwide. Below are the Wire Transfer instructions so you know exactly what information we need to complete your Wire Transfer. We have also included the Wire Transfer instructions if you are wiring money from another bank to your account with The Cecilian Bank. For incoming or outgoing International Wiring Instructions, please call The Cecilian Bank’s Customer Support Center at (270) 982-4TCB (4822).

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfer Instructions

To better assist you, please submit all information for Wire Transfers by 3:00 PM EST to ensure your funds are sent out the same business day. Please refer to our Schedule of Fees for our current wire fees.

VISA® Gift Cards

Do you know someone who is impossible to shop for? Do you stress over not being able to find the perfect gift? Then consider giving a VISA® Gift Card! Our VISA® Gift Card is one-size-fits-all and sure never to disappoint. Each card can be loaded with a minimum of $10 and with a maximum of $1,000. Purchase a VISA® Gift Card at any of our banking centers for a fee of only $5 per card.4,5 You can use these cards anywhere VISA® is accepted, whether in a store or online.

Complete VISA® Gift Card Details

VISA® TravelMoney Cards

Let us put a worry-free vacation in your hands! Leave your cash and debit card at home!

This pre-paid, re-loadable6,7 card is safe and secure and is not connected to your bank or credit accounts, so you won’t have to worry about identity theft or credit card fraud. The VISA® TravelMoney Card is accepted worldwide by merchants and ATMs anywhere VISA® is accepted. Secondary cards are also available.8 If lost or stolen, the VISA® TravelMoney Card can be replaced.9

Complete VISA® TravelMoney Card Details

Schedule of Fees

Please click here for a complete listing of The Cecilian Bank’s fees related to accounts.

Please click here for a complete listing of The Cecilian Bank’s non-customer fees.

  1. The Cecilian Bank is insured as a Member of the FDIC; however, the contents of the safe deposit box are not insured by The Cecilian Bank, FDIC, or any government insurance program. Our not insuring the contents does not constitute a failure to exercise reasonable care. If you want the contents to be insured, you will have to arrange for your own insurance at your own expense. The Cecilian Bank will not be liable for the loss of contents of your box by fire, flood, embezzlement, or any other cause.
  2. All sizes may not be available at all banking centers.
  3. Additional fees may apply. Please refer to the Schedule of Fees.
  4. Other fees may apply.
  5. The Cecilian Bank is insured as a Member of the FDIC; however, the VISA® Gift Card Funds are not FDIC insured. You may register your card for additional protections by logging into
  6. Funds will be held at Pathward, N.A., and are eligible for FDIC insurance.
  7. When reloading the VISA® TravelMoney card, a $4 fee is applied.
  8. A $5 fee is applied for the initial VISA® TravelMoney Card for Choice Gold and Choice 50 Gold customers; an $8 fee is applied for the initial VISA® TravelMoney Card for all other customers. Secondary cards are an additional $2.95 for each card added. 
  9. Other terms and conditions may apply.

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