Business Checking

At The Cecilian Bank, we take pride in watching our customers grow their businesses into successful enterprises. We understand the evolving financial needs of our customers as they manage the economic climate of the times. Recognizing these economic trends enables us to develop the right products and services that best support your business’s financial needs. Whether you’re a mom ‘n pop or a large corporation, we offer a variety of business checking accounts to help your business grow.

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FREE Business Checking

Our Free Business checking account is perfect for the business owner who wants all the conveniences of a checking account without the hassle of tracking the number of checks and deposits to avoid fees.

  • $100 Minimum to Open Account
  • Unlimited Checking & Transactions
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Monthly Printed Statements
    without Check Images 1
  • Online Statements

Business Partner Checking

Our Business Partner checking account offers extras for the business owners who require a little more in-depth account tracking.

Business Partner Investment Checking

Our Business Partner Investment Checking account is ideal for all business types wanting to earn interest.

MAX Checking

The MAX Checking Account is a business checking account that maximizes your earnings by automatically sweeping funds available for investment 4 overnight with no daily worry or maintenance on your part. Simply select the collected target balance that you would like to maintain in your checking account and the bank will automatically sweep (debit) the excess over the targeted balance and invest those funds into a Daily Repurchase Agreement Fund.5 Sweep balances shall be in $1,000 increments in excess of the targeted balance with income automatically reinvested into your checking account.

  • May earn a Higher Rate of Interest
    than a Money Market Account 6
  • $10,000 Collected Daily Minimum Balance 7
  • Unlimited Checking & Transactions
  • Earning Potential is Automatically
    Maximized Everyday
  • Daily Notice of Invested Balance
  • Link Multiple Accounts to the MAX Account
  • Online Cash Management Available
    for $15 per Month

  1. Check images are available free through Online Banking. Statement images are available for an additional $5 per statement.
  2. When you keep a $1,000 average daily balance for the month, you will avoid the monthly fee. Should your average daily balance drop below $1,000, your account will be charged a $10 monthly fee.
  3. Collected daily balances of $1,000 or more will earn interest on a tiered rate schedule. Rates are subject to change daily. Other terms and conditions may apply.
  4. There is investment risk, including the possible loss of value.
  5. This account is not a deposit or other obligation of or guaranteed by The Cecilian Bank.
  6. Variable Rate Account. The annual percentage yield may change after the account is opened. Fees and/or other conditions could reduce earnings. The rate of interest is based on a percentage of the monthly average of the Fed Funds rate paid by Bankers Bank of Kentucky.
  7. When you keep a $10,000 collected daily minimum balance for the month, you will avoid the monthly fee. Should your collected daily minimum balance drop below $10,000, your account will be charged a $25 monthly fee.
  8. The Cecilian Bank is insured as a Member of the FDIC; however, the MAX account is not FDIC insured.

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